FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders e.V. is a charitable association (Verein), registered in Germany. We understand governance as an adaptive process, driven by the needs and challenges of a newly founded organisation. Different stages of a growing organisation might require different forms of governance. We therefore see ourselves as a lab for new forms of governance that could potentially be applied to other global social impact organisations. The set-up laid out below is the starting point and we will continuously review it against our organisational development.

We aim to test and showcase new forms of governance that reflect feminist values and principles and overcome some of the pitfalls of power imbalance, hierarchy and bureaucracy of “traditional governance” mechanisms. One key element of the governance set-up is a differentiation between control and support mechanisms, clearly separating the roles between bodies that ensure proper operations as requested by the legal framework in Germany and bodies that drive and represent the programme and vision of FAIR SHARE. Different competencies are required in these roles and we want to leverage as much as possible the growing network that is developing around FAIR SHARE.

Please also have a look at our governance chart.

We base our governance on the following principles:

Transparency and Trust - We are mutually accountable for our decisions, commitments and deliverables. We will be open about failures, mistakes and lessons learned that we will make, both on the individual and collective level.

Shared Ownership - We share the responsibility to implement and further develop FAIR SHARE’s vision and mission. We support and challenge each other to leverage our collective impact. This way we aim to overcome the loneliness of leadership many of us have experienced in the past.

Collective Decision-Making – We share power and practice horizontal decision-making guided by our vision and mission. We do not shy away from disagreement and conflict and will develop and formalise resolution mechanisms as needed.

Diversity and Inclusion – We aim to create diverse and inclusive governance bodies at all levels. Being a young organisation, we still have some way ahead to get there, but we will continue to work on this as we move forward.

Transformational Change – We want to see systemic change in the world and contribute to new solutions where current decision-making structures have failed to provide answers. We therefore see feminist leadership and new approaches to governance as key steps towards a more just, equal and sustainable world.

fair share action circle

The FAIR SHARE Action Circle provides strategic advice and support on the programme. It owns and drives the mission, vision and strategy and supports the Executive Director in the implementation of campaigns, initiatives and projects. The Action Circle has up to 10 members from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, ages or sexual orientation and with strong competencies in women’s rights, movement building or advocacy. Members are selected for a three-year period. Every year, 3 members change. The Executive Director (currently Chair) of FAIR SHARE has an ex officio seat in the Action Circle.


The Board is responsible for the operations of FAIR SHARE as legally required by German law. It signs-off on budgets and annual reports, employs the Executive Director and is legally liable for the business of FAIR SHARE. Board members are elected for three years based on their competencies in operations, finance or law. The Board may exercise a veto right over Action Circle initiatives in case they put the legal, financial or operational functioning of FAIR SHARE at risk. There are currently three Board Members:

  • Helene Wolf, Chair

  • Åsa Månsson, Vice-Chair

  • Burkhard Gnärig, Treasurer


The members meet once a year to elect the Board and decide on changes to the statutes. There are currently around 15 members who supported the establishment of FAIR SHARE from the very beginning. We aim to invite new members to join in order to ensure a diverse and inclusive membership structure that oversees the Board.

CHief Adviser

Chief Advisers are renowned experts and experienced leaders who have delivered outstanding results in different contexts. They are appointed by the Chair for a three-year term to provide guidance to FAIR SHARE on questions of Governance, Management, and Strategy. Chief Advisers are committed to the development of FAIR SHARE and act as volunteers without remuneration.

Team and Volunteers

We thank our volunteers who are helping us with research, translations and many more tasks as we develop FAIR SHARE.

We also thank our Leadership Forum, a group of visionary women who supported the set-up of FAIR SHARE in the very first stages with advice, feedback and encouragement.

We received seed-funding for our work from Ise Bosch, German feminist philanthropist.

If you are interested in becoming part of the FAIR SHARE community, please write us at hello@fairsharewl.org or check other opportunities to Join Us.